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How to Install STB Emulator Pro on Firestick & Android Devices

To begin with, some of you may be wondering, “What is STB Emulator Pro or STB Emu, and what does it do?” No need to worry; we’re here to explain this fantastic app and guide you through the setup and installation of the Smart STB IPTV app.

STBemu works seamlessly with our top IPTV subscription provider service, designed to be compatible with STBemu and various other apps and devices without any complications.

STB Emulator Pro, also known as Smart STB, mimics a MAG device like MAG 250 or MAG 254. Essentially, it emulates a MAG box device (Stalker Pro) and functions as an IPTV application. Many argue that MAG boxes provide the best IPTV experience with their responsive menus, straightforward channel selection, elegant user interface, and ease of navigation compared to other IPTV applications.

stb emulator

With STBemu (Pro), you can install this app on more than just Android devices, extending its compatibility to Windows PC, ensuring a smooth user experience.

While STB Pro may not be the absolute best IPTV app, it comes close and offers various advantages. However, keep in mind that opting for Smart STB Pro means being confined to using only that app, limiting the freedom to use other applications or devices. Therefore, it might be worthwhile to explore alternative applications for more versatility.

Differences Between STB Emulator and STB Emu Pro on Firestick

The primary distinction lies in the absence of ads in the Pro version of STB Emulator, providing a better IPTV viewing experience at a cost of $5.

STB Emu Downloads

With over 1 million downloads and counting, STBemu on Firestick has proven to be a popular choice, receiving over 3000 reviews. The Pro version boasts over 50,000 installs and more than 1000 reviews.

stb emulator

The STB pro version has over 50,000 installs and over 1000 reviews

stb emulator

Benefits of Using STBemu

The STB APK, including its Pro version, can emulate any MAG box manufactured by Infomir after the STB download. Additionally, it supports the widely favored middleware streaming portal, Stalker Pro, which comes standard across all MAG devices.

Other advantages of using STB Emu Pro include the ability to change aspect ratios, a built-in media player, the option to add multiple profiles (for multiple IPTV providers), adding subtitles to IPTV streams, changing audio settings, and selecting from various languages within the STBemu app.

Mag Boxes Emulated by STB Emu Pro App

STB Emu can seamlessly operate on various Android devices, such as smartphones, Android TV boxes, smart TVs running on Android, and even applications on laptops like Bluestacks. The application is regularly updated and has garnered over 500,000 installs from the iOS or Google Play store, functioning on any Android system from 4.4 upwards.


Here are some of the MAG boxes emulated by STB Emu:

  • MAG 200
  • MAG 245
  • MAG 250
  • MAG 260
  • MAG 270
  • MAG 275

All the above-mentioned boxes emulated by the app are comparable to the later MAG boxes, including Mag 322 and Mag 425A.

How to Download and Install STB Emulator APK on Your Android

To download STBemu Pro on your Android device, you can visit the Google Play Store or use the following link:

Alternatively, if you are using an Android box, access the web browser and enter this web address: to download the application.

Please note: Android box users can also download the APK (STBemu Pro) directly from the Google Store here.

How to Configure STB Emu Pro

Once STB Emulator IPTV Pro (Smart STB) is installed, it’s time to set up everything for a seamless streaming experience. Follow these steps:

  1. Open the side menu, accessible by pressing the three lines button on your remote (for Firestick users).
  2. Navigate to Settings and then Profiles.
  3. Select the profile you want to edit (e.g., New Profile #48732) and rename it according to your preference (e.g., Strong IPTV).
  4. In the Portal settings, enter the portal URL, which you can find in your welcome email after purchasing an IPTV subscription.
  5. Go back to STB configuration and note the MAC address. Email this MAC address to us to activate the code for you.
  6. Return to the main screen, press the menu button, or use the three-line button (for Firestick) to access the side menu.
  7. Navigate to Profiles, select your profile, and press OK. This will restart the app, and once the yellow bar loads, you’ll have access to all TV channels.

The app is user-friendly—simply find your category, press OK, and choose a channel to play. Alternatively, press right on the channel to view its TV guide.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Using STB Emulator Pro

Advantages of STBemu Pro:

  1. Customizable app settings
  2. Option to set a password on the STBemu app
  3. Ability to pause IPTV streams when exiting the app

Disadvantages of STBemu Firestick Pro:

  1. Inability to write on the on-screen keyboard when opening it
  2. Limited built-in language options (only three available)
  3. Some settings may be inaccessible

How to Emulate Different Mag Boxes

To emulate different MAG boxes using the STB Emu app, follow these steps:

  1. Access Settings by clicking on the fourth icon from the right, then click on Settings and go into Profiles.
  2. Click on an existing profile, then select STB Model.
  3. Choose a MAG box from the list to emulate.

The STB Emulator Pro app is also available on the Google Play Store for users of Android TV boxes.


FAQ – STB Emulator Pro

  1. What is STB Emulator Pro?
  • STB Emulator Pro is an app that runs on Android 5.0+, allowing you to load web portals designed for STBs, such as MAG devices, on your Android device or STB emulator Firestick.
  1. How much does StbEmu Pro cost?
  • The premium version of StbEmu Pro costs $5.49, providing access to all the premium features of the app.
  1. Is StbEmu free?
  • Yes, StbEmu Pro APK is a free app available for download on the Google Play Store. Additionally, there is a premium version called StbEmu Pro, which costs $5.49. You can also find an ad-free version of StbEmu Pro APK on Google.
  1. How do I search for channels on StbEmu?
  • Use the arrow keys on the remote to search for channels. Change the channel view with the red button, sort channels using the green button, and use the